3 Things To Improve The "Mommy Pooch"


Girl, I get it. You are not feeling like yourself with the “mommy belly” but let me let you in on a little secret.

The muscle in the lower belly, the transverse abs, co-contract with the pelvic floor muscles (the muscles in our pelvis) so this could be some ways on how to improve your lower belly:

  1. Focusing on breathing in to your lower belly and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. Maybe you are a fast-paced kind of gal and go through the day quickly. If so, you may find yourself breathing more into your upper chest and not DOWB into the pelvic floor. Give it a go and improve your range of motion momma!

  2. The pelvic floor muscles work with your breath. When you breathe in, you are lengthening your pelvic floor, as you exhale, you can try to “pick up a blueberry” vaginally (do not use blueberries…just imagine) and this will connect your first two pieces of the “core” muscles.

  3. Then you can try doing the above, while exhaling a little harder. When you do this, you may feel a gentle tightening of your lower abs. If so, those are the lower abdominal muscles and we want them contracting more with movements and exercises. So you can try to connect them when you pick up kids/ groceries/ dinner out of the over etc.

  4. Try it out and let me know how this goes for you! I will be going more into depth on this in my C-Section Masterclass…so if you want it, you should join!!

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