How To Thrive, Not Survive Aunt Flo (Your Menstrual Cycle)

How To Rock Your Period


A few years ago, I took a 6 month course on hormones and menstrual cycles and have been fascinated with Aunt Flo and the products we use IN and ON our bodies ever since.

You see, Aunt Flo used to bug me. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to when she would come, how painful it would be, or why my emotions would take a crazy roller coaster ride.

Heck, third time postpartum and I am STILL feeling this way at times. For instance, she showed up EARLY again. This did not fit into my weekend plans of "Sexy Time" with my hunky hubby, but oh well.

So... things I do to try to stay on top while she is "in town":

1. Stock Up On Safer Products For My Vagina

Yep! With all the education out there on what is in "OTHER" menstrual products, I am happy to say I have been in the "I only want safer products for my vag" group for approximately 4 years now. And I am not looking back.

A few tamponsI love: Cora, L, Lola, Seventh Generation and TOP Organic Project (there are many more but those are just a few).

Pads: L and Seventh Generation are the ones in my linen closet at home.

Menstrual Cups: I use the Lunette. As a c-section mom of three, this one fits MY vagina the best. Your vagina and my vagina ARE TWO very different vaginas. You have to find what works best for your vag. And, sis, you can do that by clicking HEREand taking a quiz.

Think Underwear: Period underwear for you! If you ever clothed diapered, like I did, this is about the same ONLY so much EASIER. Wear, rinse, wash, hang to dry. I have two pairs and have had them for 4 years. They are still going strong!

As you can see, I like a variety of products for my healthy vagina.

2. Stay Hydrated

I consider myself a pretty hydrated person. I am using sucking down around 90-120 ounces of water a day. When I am at the beginning of my cycle, Day 1 of bleeding, I try to at least get 120 ounces. I am EXHAUSTED when I am bleeding, so I may slack just because I am off my game of feeling energized and feeling more sluggish. The water can help decrease menstrual cramping and improve

3. Back Off The Sugar and Grab The Healthy Snacks

You know sugar creates inflammation in your body, right? Well, it does the same during your period. It can cause you to feel more bloated and uncomfortable compared to if you were eating more healthier snacks and meals. You know, eat your colors. The fruits and veggies. You are what you eat, AND if foods make you feel sluggish and crappy (for me its breads and dairy), than avoid them. Go for the foods that will help keep you energized and lift you up!

4. Rest

Normal sleep for me is 6-8 hours. I try to get more, but my natural “clock” currently wakes me up between that time. However, when I am bleeding, I am a napper, I go to bed early and will sleep whenever you let me. Any other day of the month, if my kids are napping, I am getting stuff done. But this time of the month, momma is laying down too.

5. Stretch It Out

Curling up in a ball sounds so perfect while watching Netflix (or catching up on the Bachelorette) when I am on my period. BUT, when your muscles are already tightening up and cramping along with your uterus, be nice to them and stretch out.

I like to do this by joining a yoga class or doing a few yoga stretches around my house…cough cough…cobra is one of my faves during this time.

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