Empower your pelvis, empower your life.


Welcome to Empower Your Pelvis! We are so glad you are here!

Amanda Fisher, PT, DPT has been where you are.

You have been pregnant, delivered a baby (vaginally or csection) AND started peeing your pants, feeling pressure in your pelvis, feeling pain with sex, feeling hip/ back pain with exercise etc.  We know what is going on with the muscles when these issues arise and have worked with women to fix these issues for them.  

We are committed to restoring the lives of women after childbirth and improving their quality of life (meaning no more leaking when jumping!).  

Through physical therapy and education, we help restore your body's natural function – reducing your pain and empowering you to live the life you desire.

By the way, Empower Your Pelvis is a LGBT friendly business

Located in Lee's Summit, Missouri (Kansas City, MO)
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 Read about Empower Your Pelvis's mission, methods, and how we can help you empower your pelvis and restore your life.

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