Core Stability

What is the Core?

2 Things Needed to Make The Core Work

Hey! I have been trying to workout and get my body stronger and more fit this past year. As are a lot of the other women at the gyn with me so early in the morning.

Some of us are striving for improved strength and toned bodies. Some of us want to feel stronger and have less pain. Some of us have a goal of completing 5 pull ups. Some of us, just want to move our bodies for 45 minutes and not have to think because we think ALL DAY. Am I right?!

Well, did you know, how you connect your core with exercises can make a difference in your strength and stability? It can! How amazing is that?!

Slowing down movements and connecting your breath and pelvic floor with the activity can turn on your core so you can stabilize you pelvis and spine prior to function.

It sounds like a lot…but it’s really cool to see in action. Watch the video to get a better idea of what I am talking about.

If you try to do an activity quickly while holding your breath, you may notice you are more wobbly or all over the place, maybe even out of control feeling. Then try the activity again by slowing it down and exhaling and see if your stability and balance improve. Hopefully it does!! It should!

When this becomes easy, than you can increase weight or speed to make the exercise more challenging.

IF you are noticing dysfunction (like peeing you pants, pain etc) with an activity, see if becomes easier by slowing it down, connecting the breath and then trying it again.

Good luck and keep me posted on how your activities are going!