Try This To Declutter


Winter in the Midwest has been crazy this year. But girl, with all of the snow outside, I have been inside organizing and cleaning out stuff that has not been looked at since we moved in our house 6 years ago. What?! No Way!!

My boys had a blast looking in our old boxes of “stuff”. We found our cap and gowns from college, trophies from my husband’s sports days, and of course my husband’s and mine (yes mine) baseball cards and ball collection.

Girl, let me tell you, it feels insanely good to get rid of old stuff that isn’t doing any good in my house. And the same can be said about your “house”, and by that, I mean your “body”. The only place you have to truly live.

Our pelvic floors are the first group of muscles that have been shown to respond to negative input. They tense up when we watch a negative story on the news, when we re-live a past memory etc.

If you continue to hold on to past events and think of them in a negative way, this can affect your overall health, BUT also your pelvic floor health. When we hold onto negative memories, the pelvic floor muscles can tense up and not work as functional as they should. Just like cleaning my house is freeing up more space for my family, letting go of negative emotions and thoughts, can improve my overall wellbeing.

So if something triggers you to think of a past memory, try to think about the positives that surround that thought. For example, int he past when when I would think of my childhood, memories would take me back to watching my parents scream at each other, my dad being passed out on the porch when I would bring friends over or watching my mom cry time and time again because my dad walked out on us. I spent time re-training my brain to no longer go to the negative memories but all the wonderful positive ones instead: school dances, high school sports, having sister dates, car rides with friends etc. Training my brain to respond this way has helped a ton with lowering my anxiety and stress with my past. I no longer feel uneasy or ashamed. It feels like a huge weight is lifted off and I have space for new memories. It’s like I re-organized my brain and decluttered.

I challenge you to think about a memory you might be holding onto that creates negative space. Go back to that memory and see the positives around it. Maybe it was a crappy situation that introduced you to someone wonderful who has made a positive impact on your life. Or maybe it was a traumatic birth, but in the end, you have your beautiful baby in your arms. Whatever it is, look for those positives and tell your body to let the negatives go. Really, try it. Telling your body to get rid of stuff can make a difference!

*If thinking about your past triggers any old thoughts, please speak with your therapist for help with dealing with your emotions. I am not a therapist.