Why I Get Up at 4-5AM During the Week

It’s sweat…not pee…on arm day

It’s sweat…not pee…on arm day

Girl, let me tell you.

If it were not for my morning routine, I would not have the energy to be on top of my “A-game” for my husband, boys or my patients.

I need my early morning wake up to get dressed, brew my cup of coffee, and chug my water before leaving for the gym. And this might be a little too much info, but my bowels are now trained to have a bowel movement before I leave the house. Then I get in my car, sip my coffee and listen a podcast during my 18-20 minute commute to Burn Boot Camp. If for some reason I am unable to make it to a morning class, I will walk the treadmill in my basement or hit up an evening class.

I am obsessed with Burn Boot Camp and the way I feel afterwards, but mostly pumped about my tribe. The community of ladies are such a JOY to be around at the crack of dawn. It sounds crazy, like we are all crazy, haha, but everyone is cheering each person on and helping them do a little better than last time they came in. Most mornings I am in the class lifting weights or running cardio routines, while busting a move or singing a tune because girl, 90s and 2000s Hip Hop can’t keep my body from finding a beat.

I get back in the car after jamming out to Salt-n-Pepa or Little Wayne and I am on FIRE! I am loving life, excited about my day, excited to see my boys and I listen to another podcast on the way home to KEEP me fired up for life.

When I get home, I am still on my endorphin high. I do my gratitude journaling, make my handsome hubby a coffee for the road, finish up lunches for my boys, and look at my schedule for the day/ check emails to see if anyone has rescheduled before I hop in the shower.

Now, I am by nature, a morning person. Always have been. The early bird gets the worm, right?!

My routine gives me exactly what I need to tackle my day with having my exercise, journaling and a little coffee and podcast time.

This use to feel like a chore, having to set my alarm and make myself go to the gym. I would hit snooze and then hate how I felt the rest of the day AFTER I missed my opportunity to work out. Now, after 60 days of getting up early, it is no biggie and I will not hit snooze because I don’t want to feel anything but my best.

Do you have a morning routine? Have you shared your routine with a friend to keep you accountable? Do you have a workout buddy?

If not, think about that for a minute and think how you could implement that into your day. How would it improve your day? week? month?