6 Things A Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Wants You To Know

Here are six things your pelvic floor physical therapist wants you to know before your first appointment: 

1.    Pelvic floor muscle examinations shouldn’t be painful.  It is a very gentle examination performed by a professional with one-gloved-finger assessing the tissue externally and then internally up to the first and second knuckle (approximately) on your therapist’s hand. If something is uncomfortable, please speak up to your pelvic floor physical therapist. We are looking at how the muscles move inside your pelvis, in a similar way we would, if we were examining your arm or your leg.  We are checking for mobility of tissue: can it lengthen, can it shorten, can it relax, what’s the strength, endurance etc 

2.    Your grooming habits don’t bother us. We don’t care if you forgot to shave your legs, didn’t get a pedicure or even how you are groomed in the pelvic region.  We have seen it all and we don’t even notice if your legs are hairy or not. 

3.    Your vagina is a self-cleaning oven. Please avoid the feminine wash aisle at the grocery store.  None of those products, washes, wipes or douches are needed to clean yourself “down there”, unless your doctor has recommended a product to you.  Otherwise, good ole water is where it’s at! 

4.    There are safer products out there for your vagina.  Tampons, pads and lubes are now made safer for your va-jay-jay! Yay for women's health!!

5.    Nothing is TMI (too much information). We need all the information we can get to help you improve your symptoms, AND your question has probably been asked 4 times this week.  So please ask it. 

6.    You can come in for your appointment while on your cycle.  25% of our caseload is on their cycle weekly and it does not bother us.  We don’t have to do the internal portion while you are bleeding because there are so many other things we can work on.