Amanda Fisher, DPT


Hi ladies!  I'm Amanda, the owner and physical therapist at Empower Your Pelvis – Physical Therapy, Health & Wellness. First, I am a wife to my wonderful husband, Brett, and mother to my two amazing sons, Jackson and Landon (plus one on the way). My family is my life and I love owning my own business where I can have the best of both worlds: spending time with my boys AND helping moms, like me, get their pelvic health back.  Moms can find shame in peeing their pants with laughing, sneezing, coughing, exercise or with having pain with sex.  These are the women I love to work with.  I love restoring a sense of hope and empowerment in women while they regain their strength and confidence by improving their knowledge (because education is power) and their body's function.  

I developed pelvic floor issues while in grad school and soon found my calling in this wonderful niche of pelvic floor physical therapy.  

With each of my pregnancies (3), I have had my fair share of prenatal and postpartum issues: hip pain, low back pain, SI pain, urinary incontinence, constipation, diastasis recti (abdominal separation), pubic symphysis pain, varicose veins (in my labia-fun stuff-and legs), pelvic pressure, csection recovery, csection scar, pelvic pain with sex, hip pain with exercise etc. 

With experiencing my own issues and specializing in pelvic health, I understand what is missing in our prenatal fitness and postpartum recovery.   At Empower Your Pelvis, I am passionate about pelvic health and helping women restore function in all aspects of their life.  

After working in the heart of Kansas City, I recognized a need for pelvic health physical therapy services in the Lee’s Summit community and online, so I combined, my passion and clinical skills to open Empower Your Pelvis. I educate women thru one-on-one appointments in my clinic, online with virtual consultations and through handouts on my website.   

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