How To Perform A Kegel Correctly: Day 3

Hey friend!

Did you know you can breathe into your lower belly, like your csection scar area if you are a cesarean birth mommy or right above the pubic bone, and change the length and tension in your pelvic floor muscles? Well, you can!!

Did you know women, like me, hold stress and anxiety in our pelvic floors causing them to have more tension?

You have just learned how to contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles, but to get the best use of them, now I want you to exhale as you squeeze the pelvic floor muscles (while you are picking up the blueberries) and inhale as you relax to lengthen the tissue even more. This is how they naturally move with inhale and exhale as the diaphragm increases pressure in the system during inhale (air coming in) and exhale (air leaving the body).

You can see in the picture below how they work hand in hand. I love the image/ video below. I geek out on visual aids.

I want you to practice adding your breath while working on how to squeeze the tissue correctly. You may find yourself wanting to hold your breath while squeezing and that’s ok. Just keep trying to implement the exhale while squeezing the muscles and inhale with relaxation.

GIF image-DF7C26F299F9-1.gif