How To Perform A Kegel Correctly: Day 2

Hey Girl!!

Today you will learn about “the squeeze”.

Alright, we are going to get your pelvic floor a movin’ and a groovin’.  First, let’s begin by lying flat on your back.  I want you to bend your knees up and then let them fall out away from each other.  Place a pillow or two under your knees so it is a comfortable position to be in.  While lying in this position, I want you to put a hand on your lower abdomen right above your pubic bone. Focus on breathing into your hand and feeling your belly rise a little as you breathe in (inhale) and come back to neutral as you blow out (exhale).  This is great for improving circulation and lengthening tissue to your pelvic floor and lower belly. I will touch base on more of how the diaphragm is connected on day 3.

Next, think of your vagina like an elevator.  Girl, I know this is silly but it is worth it. As you squeeze the pelvic floor muscles like you are stopping the flow of urine, think of picking up the elevator.  Then you are going to let the elevator come back down.  You can also think of it as picking up a blueberry with your vagina.  Please, do not actually go to your refrigerator and get a blueberry to practice this.  Save your blueberries for a lovely snack after all your hard work.  Use your wonderful imagination. 

Whew! Are you worn out yet? I hope not, there are still more ways to squeeze the wonderful muscles

Moving on to the next set of exercises….

The “Wink”. With this exercise you can work on winking your anus and then letting it relax. I think the biggest piece of each exercise is making sure your muscles relax after each contraction. You don’t want to end up with a Charlie horse “down there”, do you? Wink….relax……wink……relax….wink….relax….

The next one is “the nod”.

Still while lying down, you can practice nodding your clitoris. Nod and relax. Nod and relax. Nod and relax.

Then you can try moving the muscles front to back, relax….front to back…..relax….front to back…..relax

Then left to right….relax….left to right….relax…. left to right….relax.

And last, but not least, doing the front to back and side to side at the SAME TIME and meeting in the middle….relax….meet in the middle….relax….meet in the middle….relax.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for the next Kegel Tip!