Try these THREE things to keep your pants dry!

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Hey lady! 

If you are like me, then you MAY or MAY NOT have experienced peeing your pants since you’ve birthed a child?  

I mean I laughed, I peed myself.  

I coughed, oops, there is a little more pee.  

I jumped, and hello, more urine just came out.  

I seemed to have very little control of my bladder.

I even had increased urgency where I would turn on water to wash the dishes and all of the sudden I was sprinting to the bathroom.


The first time this happened to me, I was like, why did NO ONE tell me about this? Am I right??

I wished my BFF had mentioned the increased need to pee at least!  So that’s why I’m sharing this great information with you.


IF you are or have experienced peeing your pants, you may want to TRY to improve a few things in your life: 


1.     Posture: Girl, posture changes everything.  When you stand and sit, stack your ribs over your pelvis instead of sitting/ standing with poor posture.  This allows your pelvic floor to communicate with your diaphragm to correctly fire your pelvic floor when needed. 

2.     Breath Work: Holding your breath will get you nowhere but cleaning up pee off the ground.  And that’s embarrassing. I mean just this weekend, I had a full bladder and held my breathe to pick up my baby and whoops…gravity and increased pressure won over my full bladder and I literally had to change my underwear and pants. My husband, who was standing next to me at the time, was in shock. He says, “why did you not pee in the bathroom before picking him up if you had to go so bad”? Really?! Like I knew I was gonna pee my pants? Ha! So I am sharing with you so you don’t make the same mistake, “blow out” when you are lifting or picking up anything.  “Blow as you go” is what I say.  This will lessen the pressure on your bladder.

3.     Practice the next few exercises and let me know how they are going for you!

Click here to download exercises

Have any questions on the exercises? Send me an email and we can chat more!

Try these modifications out and let me know how your bladder and you are getting along.