What I Practice Each Day

Hi Friend! Me again! This crazy pelvic-health-loving momma of 3 high-energy boys.

To try to keep my sanity in my house, I have added two things back into my practice as I am starting to get more sleep at night (which means I am only waking up 2-3 times right now…any other mommas out there??). After having this last kiddo, I found myself stuck in a negative rut/ mindset. I NEED to exercise at least 20-30 minutes AND write in my gratitude journal to keep a more positive outlook for the day and with my boys.

The human body fascinates me and how it heals and continues to change is mind blowing.

Incase any of you out there in cyber world are feeling anxious or the added stress from the holidays, I thought I would share my practice with you. Click here for the download.

I hope the daily practice of gratitude has a positive impact on your day to day life, like it has on my family!

Shake Your Pelvis Like Elvis this Holiday Season!