Varicose Veins in Pregnancy

My daily attire: full length compression hose, V2 Support and pants

My daily attire: full length compression hose, V2 Support and pants

Varicose veins.  Some of you get them in your legs.  Some may get spider veins.  Some of you get them in your pelvis/ labia and some of you get them as hemorrhoids.  I am a proud owner of varicose veins during my pregnancies in my legs AND my pelvis/ labial area.  I am a lucky gal.   With as much swelling as I get in my labial tissue with pregnancies, I grow "balls".  It is a special talent of mine. If you have ever experienced vaginal varicosities, you know what I am talking about.  

This is what the V2 Support looks like.  What I like to call, my  "jock strap" .

This is what the V2 Support looks like.  What I like to call, my "jock strap".

I used to think, why do women not talk about this?  I tried talking about it more with my second pregnancy and the look on everyone's faces when I told them I had "saggy balls" between my thighs made me think, you know maybe I don't need to scare...I mean educate every one about varicose veins.  Or maybe there are other ways to do so.  And that was my cue to write a blog.  Less subtle, right?!

If you are pregnant now and are experiencing "pressure down there" (your don't have to have to the "saggy balls" or varicose veins) or heavy legs, I have some great options for you.  First, let's discuss the pressure in the pelvis.  Now for me, the pressure feeling starts as soon as I roll out of bed in the morning.  Gravity pulls those tissues down and I feel my "balls" growing immediately.  Urinating can be a challenge at times due to the increased swelling.  Remembering to breathe and not strain to urinate is key.  As I always say, just breathe...your pelvic floor will thank you.  Well, peeing is one of those times.  After I wash my hands, I throw on my V2 Support (greatest thing for feeling pressure in the pelvis while pregnant) and head out the door for my morning walk with my dog, Izzie.  Walking is a great exercise for circulating the blood in the pelvis and is great for you and your baby. Also, throughout the day, make sure you are taking frequent breaks from sitting or standing.  Doing either of these too long can cause more discomfort.  Belly breathing is another great exercise for circulating fluids in pelvis/ abdomen.  Also breathing while getting your feet up, can help with the pain in the legs or pressure in the pelvis.  As a mom of two young boys under 4, I find it is challenging to listen to this advice.  I am constantly chasing my children or doing a mom job that I forget to take the time to get my feet up.  BUT when I do, I feel better.  

Besides the V2 Support, I also invested in a good brand of full length compression hose.  If you are pregnant in the summer with these issues, wear maxi skirts/ dresses.  I had to with my last pregnancy and it was worth it.  The compression hose has been a life saver for the leg swelling and pain.  Buy a good brand so they last you longer than 2 weeks.  You can find someone in your area who can measure you so you get the right size.  A local vein clinic in my town will measure people for free!  

If you have any questions on this topic, feel free to email me!  

Remember to breathe...your pelvic floor will love you for it!