Peeing My Pants Postpartum


Growing a child is pretty wonderful.  Have you ever noticed how much excitement is brought to the room by a growing belly, the "pregnancy glow" or the changes in life that are about to happen as this new little human enters your world?  So much advice is given to you about what to name your child, how to raise it, what to feed it etc but what about the real information we need to hear as moms?  

I mean, I love my mother, all my aunts and female cousins in my family, but none of them, not even my sweet soft-spoken grandma, told me there would come a day when I would pee my pants (during pregnancy AND after baby) when laughing during a night out with friends, or while jumping on a trampoline OR when I sneeze during allergy season.  

Some would say, but Amanda, you are a pelvic floor physical therapist, you should have known this day would come.  Yes, I may have the background knowledge on this topic, but a little insight from friends and family BEFORE delivery would have been nice.  Maybe at Baby Showers, women should be given a handout of all the things that really happen to your body after baby arrives.  I do think, as women, we need to stick together and warn each other of the possibilities of peeing your pants after having baby and how soon this can start.  In reality, if you are leaking at 6 weeks postpartum, there is a high percentage you will STILL BE LEAKING at 12 weeks postpartum and EVEN 5 years postpartum.  So, if you happen to chat with a friend/ family member around 6 weeks postpartum or beyond- speak up!  Don't be afraid to say, "hey, you should probably speak with a pelvic floor physical therapist".  

I certainly don't hold back anymore.  My goal is to educate women on the changes that may happen to them and let them know they are COMMON but NOT NORMAL parts of motherhood. 

So, this week, I encourage you to speak to someone you know, (don't be the weird, creepy person in the grocery store telling women about incontinence---leave that to me hehe) about pelvic health.  You can help improve their health by planting a little seed of knowledge.  

Have a safe and wonderful week!