2 Week Core Connection Facebook Group


2 Week Core Connection Facebook Group


Hey you!

  • Ever wonder if you are doing a Kegel correctly?

  • Or what the pelvic floor muscles are?

  • Have you wanted to attend a pelvic floor education class and learn exercises on how to connect the “core” muscles and just haven’t found the time?

  • I have too!

And now you can join from your home!

Amanda is hosting an ONLINE, Facebook Group for 2 weeks to educate YOU and YOUR pelvic besties about the pelvic floor, the core and modifications on core exercises to benefit your pelvic health for ONLY $17.

Wait?! What! $17?

YEP, $17 for 2 weeks to learn about the pelvic floor and so much more.

Buy today to save your spot.

The Pelvic Posse Party begins SUNDAY, August 18th.

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